Texte extrait du film “Le musée raconté par Alain Querre et Jean-Maurice Rahier”
“Our underground museum is linked to the tower and to its past by underground galeries containing a fabulous collection of clay and iron pots. The oldest ones are 2000 years old. They reflect the same “joie de vivre”, the same special creative happiness we are enjoying here today.”
“To enter the museum our visitors have to walk first throught a 17 th century garden where modern sculptures of angels and thinkers demonstrate by their exemple the virtues of silence.”
“Hundreds and hundreds of pots reveal not only the crafmanship of their creators but also the healthy philosophy of those who have used them and those who have kept them generation after generation.
Intelligence, courage and simplicity were their principal virtues. Without them we could not be here today. We had better listen to their message which is just as important today as it was long ago. They encourage us to recognize and thoroughly enjoy the sunny side of our existences.”
“Then their underground itinerery takes them down centuries till Roman times and history becomes alives. The can see how our Aquitanian ancestors lit and heated their dwellings, washed their linen, cooked their soups and porridges and preserved their meat in oil long before the days of the refrigerator.”
Alain Querre Président Fondateur du Musée
Musée souterrain de la Poterie de Saint-Emilion
Hospices de la Madeleine 21, rue André Loiseau 33330 SAINT-EMILION tél. : 05 57 24 60 93
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